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Having read the basic facts about Bengal cats, you may now read even more interesting ones. There is a whole lot of amazing facts about Bengal cats but the ones featured here are some of the very best.

1. Wild Ancestry
They have links to the really wild cats since they are the result of a cross between domestic cats and the Asian leopard. Since you now know that they have some links with wild cats, a little wild behavior from these cats won’t come as a surprise to you if you are looking to adopt one of them.

2. Bengals Easily Befriend Dogs
Often times, we use cats and dogs to refer to mortal enemies or to a severe downpour, but not this time. The Bengal cat has somehow learnt to win dogs’ hearts. In fact, they – just like humans –  could become a dog’s best friend. To make this friendship work most efficiently, the owner is advised to introduce a dog to the home when the Bengal is very much young or vice versa. This way, they grow together, watch out for each other and become dependable members of your entertainment crew!

3. They Love Water
Very clearly, this is another quality they share with tigers their much distant relatives. Like you may have felt on discovering that they love to befriend dogs, you may also wonder why a cat should want to get fuddled in water. This is no much a surprise to you as it is to scientists but it is true. They play with water at the slimmest chance they get. Often times, you find them sipping some water from the little paws rather than dipping their heads into a bowl and lapping water from there. Their love for water, combined with their dexterity at fishing, make them a potential threat to your aquarium if you have one in your home.

4. They Know Just How to Steal
Call it kleptomania or anything you want to call it, but these cats love pick and “borrow” items that catch their fancy. When I say borrow, I am trying to be polite with words because in reality, they don’t return the things they borrow. So watch out for that beautiful piece of tablecloth on the table. Its secret admirer may have some use for it if you don’t mind.

5. They are Amazing Hunters
Cats are famed worldwide for their impeccable ability to hunt down small snakes, rats and other lower reptiles such as lizards. Their rivalry with flightless birds is also renowned but it seems the Bengal cat has taken this avian rivalry to a whole new level. Once they sight a bird, they become automatically excited and would do anything within their power to play with these birds. Most times, or even at all times, this play is never one that favors the birds. If you have an avian pet; say a macaw or cardinal bird for instance, you should provide extra security for them because your dear feline pet will come for them – guilty or not.

6. Excellent Climbers
If you wouldn’t mind enjoying your cat do some acrobatic displays once in awhile – and who wouldn’t love to acrobatics – you will find the Bengal cat much fun in your house. They have the energy of gorillas and the agility of monkeys. You can count on them to climb to heights you never expected them to reach, as well as expect them to hop somewhat incredible distances too.


  1. They are very intelligent (and not very intelligent at the same time!).
  2. They poop a lot. They are VERY proud of their poop and everything that has to do with their poop.
  3. They can be extremely hyperactive and excited about every single little thing.
  4. You might need to share your shower. Bengals are known to LOVE water.
  5. They like to hear their own voices.
  6. They will stalk you. Ninja cat style, even.
  7. They will stalk your other pets.
  8. They will chew things. Just about anything they can find.
  9. Convincing them to wear a collar might prove problematic.
  10. The most important thing of all; They have the BEST personalities and make the BEST faces!